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Glas Trösch Holding AG
Monsieur­­ Fabrice­­ Nussbaumer
Industriestr. 29
4922­­ Bützberg

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19 décembre 2017
Swissbau 2018
A panoramic outlook for all – Glas Troesch glazing for spectacular views at the Buergenstock Hotel
The Buergenstock Resort stands proudly above Lake Lucerne in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden. The complex has now been given a full makeover – creating a new luxury resort consisting of several hotels, “residence suites”, and a large spa area. At its centre is the new Buergenstock Hotel, a five-star superior establishment. Due to the hotel’s exposed location and the prevailing temperature fluctuations, its glazing needed to provide increased protection from both heat and cold. The product chosen was triple insulating glass with SILVERSTAR COMBI and low-e coatings from Glas Troesch, which ensure reliable protection in summer and winter. It means that the views can resultantly be enjoyed to the full without sacrificing any indoor comfort.
The façade glass features a light bluish tint, and reflects the changing weather conditions in the surrounding area. (© Leonardo Finotti)

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