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Glas Trösch Holding AG
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19 décembre 2017
Swissbau 2018
Securing transparency – SILVERSTAR ALARM combines protection with maximum creative freedom
When it comes to the protection of property and persons, windows are among a building’s weakest points. As criminals most often obtain access via this vulnerability, upgrading to a glass with an integrated alarm system is a worthwhile investment. For planners, the installation of alarm-triggering circuitry, however, often means that the aesthetics of the façade are spoiled by visually distracting elements. Glas Troesch has now developed the SILVERSTAR ALARM tempered safety glass to a level such that the alarm system can be applied invisibly to the glass. This glass thus offers all-round protection without limiting planners’ creative freedom.
With SILVERSTAR ALARM, the alarm system integrated in the glass remains invisible – planners can thus design transparent façades without any restrictions. (© Kevin Chu & Jessica Paul)

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