16 – 19 January 2024


Bathroom Trends is the highlight of the interiors section featuring sophisticated presentations of the latest trends and designs for the bathroom of tomorrow. Leading brands delight visitors with their latest products and solutions.

«Bathroom trends is Switzerland’s leading bathroom show – a voyage of discovery for all the different senses. The industry leaders showcase their new developments in a unique setting here, providing inspiration for future building projects.»

Rudolf Pfander, Exhibition Director Swissbau

We spend an average of about an hour in the bathroom every day, which adds up to roughly two weeks over the course of a year. It should thus come as no surprise that our demands on the bathroom are constantly increasing. There are calls for greater comfort and enhanced design – with the aim of achieving the greatest possible gain for well-being, aesthetics and personal care. The bathroom has thus long lost its sole purpose as a functional room and has become living space and a luxury area. Standardised solutions are out, and customised designs are now called for. 

«Traditional bathroom concepts have gone out of fashion and, in our latitudes, newly designed bathrooms are equated with quality of life and luxury.»

Rudolf Pfander, Exhibition Director Swissbau 

The basic fittings of the bathroom have remained unchanged for decades: toilet, washbasin, shower and, frequently, a bathtub. New concepts, trends and decorative elements, however, are turning the bathroom into an oasis of well-being to satisfy sophisticated demands. The trend towards a modern design and a cosy atmosphere can be instigated with skillfully set accents, including dimmable lighting, vintage-look fittings, free-standing bathtubs and natural materials. Authentic materials make for haptic sensuality. Clear architecture, reduced design, optical generosity and freedom of movement underscore a harmonious bathroom look. 

Despite the development towards homely bathrooms, it would be wrong to forget that, although a bathroom is not just a functional room, it is still required to incorporate certain practical features. Convenient access to the bathtub, unobstructed hand washing and safe stepping out of the shower – these are the basic requirements that still constitute elementary aspects of bathroom design today.