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Swissbau Innovation Lab

New opportunities through digital transformation

Digitisation is bringing about radical changes to entire industries and markets. Faster than would have been expected, many companies are finding themselves confronted with new technologies and competitors. Mastering this development and understanding the changes is giving our sector an outstanding opportunity to profile itself. If it succeeds in doing this, digital transformation will offer excellent opportunities. Examples include optimising existing processes or developing new business models, products and services.

Where conventional methods come up against their limits is where digital planning, building, use and operation offer innovative solutions. These can involve meeting the tougher demands as regards energy efficiency, CO2 reduction and sustainability, or coordinating the increasingly complex collaboration of large planning teams. At the same time, digitisation is making tough demands on all market participants and calling for a high degree of flexibility.

We cannot sidestep the challenge of re-aligning processes, methods and training schemes and of reorganising how we deal with data, the kernel of each and every digital application. The introduction of BIM in Switzerland is no more than a first step in this. What is at stake is the transformation of our entire industry and networking along the whole length of the added-value chain.

Our aims

As Switzerland’s largest trade fair in the construction sector, we are facing up to the current challenges along with leading organisations and businesses. With the Swissbau Innovation Lab in hall 1.1 south, we are making the opportunities offered by digital transformation in the construction sector both tangible and comprehensible. We want to encourage the networking of all market participants and bring together everyone involved in the building process, be it in planning, building, use or operation. This will greatly facilitate the dialogue and thus enhance the creativity and competitiveness of SMEs in Switzerland.

“Where conventional methods come up against their limits is where digital planning, building, use and operation offer innovative solutions.”


We provide our answers to this question in the Swissbau Innovation Lab in hall 1.1 south and present the future of the construction sector in a tangible form in a special show.
Swissbau Innovation Lab

The industry’s innovations at a glace

The Swissbau Innovation Lab special show is comprised of two central elements: the Innovation Village and the iRoom. In the Innovation Village manufacturers, opinion leaders, planners and researchers are presenting their latest products and solutions. For the first time, trade-fair visitors are going to be treated to a compact overview of current technologies. There could be no better starting point for an individual tour of the trade fair.

Interactive experience of building in the future

Visitors entering the iRoom are stepping into a space for virtual encounters devised especially for the Swissbau Innovation Lab. Visitors to the fair are divided into groups and immerse themselves in the world of digital experiences taking the new federal parliament building as a fictitious example, they experience right up close the planning, building, operation and use of buildings both today and in the future. Participants will be guided through the iRoom and, with the aid of innovative technologies, will solve a specific problem related to a building project. In each of the phases, we show innovative technologies and exciting “digital use cases”. The tours are held in german.

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Digitisation at the heart of things

In the Swissbau Innovation Lab we are working together with leading experts and companies. Together, we are making the transformation of the construction sector and the technologies of the future into a hands-on experience. We are, for instance, presenting the life cycle of a building to show how the added-value chain of the construction sector is being transformed by digitisation.
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Succesful co-creation through strong partnerships

The Swissbau Innovation Lab is being developed and set up jointly with partners from research, planning, building and operation. A leading role in developing the contents is being assumed by the “Building digital Switzerland” community of interests. In addition to this, the CTI (the Swiss Confederation’s Commission for Technology and Innovation) is committed to playing a part as a promotor and catalyst for innovations in the SME segment.
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