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Swissbau Innovation Lab – The special show for digital transformation


Digital innovations and Networking

The Swissbau Innovation Lab that had its première in 2018 is taking up the topical issues associated with digitisation, thus ensuring that it is fully in keeping with the times. The Swissbau Innovation Lab in Hall 1.1 south enables visitors to experience the options opened up by digital transformation and appreciate the relevance of the new technologies for the construction and real-estate industries. The central theme running through the Lab is the life cycle of a building: we promote the digital networking of all the market participants and bring together all those participating in the construction process from the planning, construction, use and operation segments. This facilitates the dialogue between them, boosts their innovative strength and promotes competitiveness in building for the near future.
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Collaboration with industry leaders

This successful, innovative concept is being expanded for Swissbau 2020 and is to be selectively further developed and implemented in consultation with the Partners.
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Attractive partner packages

The Innovation Village presents the products and solutions of leading brands in a vivid and interactive manner. In 2020, the Innovation Village will be featuring a Start-up Hub for the first time. In addition, exhibitors will be able to apply to become Satellite Partners with their innovations or R&D projects. The selected exhibitors will then be partners of the Swissbau Innovation Lab with an information point directly on their own stand. With the Speakers’ Corner in the centre of the Innovation Village, all the partners will have an additional channel at their disposal for a live presentation of their digital use cases.

Claudia Guyaz will be pleased to assist you if you have any questions:
Claudia Guyaz
Product Manager Swissbau Innovation Lab
T + 41 58 206 22 48
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Succesful co-creation through strong partnerships

The Swissbau Innovation Lab is being developed and set up jointly with partners from research, planning, building and operation. A leading role in developing the contents is being assumed by the “Building digital Switzerland” community of interests. In addition to this, the CTI (the Swiss Confederation’s Commission for Technology and Innovation) is committed to playing a part as a promotor and catalyst for innovations in the SME segment.
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Main Partner

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