Swissbau Focus

Swissbau Focus


Swissbau Focus is a meeting and networking format that Swissbau devises jointly with trade associations, organisations, universities and the media and that has been running since 2012. Its long-term focus is on the themes of energy, education, densification and the lifecycle of buildings. Specialised skills are disseminated in some sixty or so events. At the same time, networking is promoted between themes, exhibitors and participants. The Swissbau Focus partners have a live presence in Hall 1.0 South in lounges and with information points.

Collaboration – All together or everyone for themselves?
MORE THAN THIRTY INDUSTRY ORGANISATIONS WITH ONE SHARED GOAL: always keeping right up-to-date. At some sixty organised events under the overall motto of “Collaboration – All together or everyone for themselves?”, we meet up in Swissbau Focus to discuss the current opportunities and challenges facing the construction sector, the new technologies and business models, revolutionary methods and processes and the interaction between human beings in matters of planning, building and use. In short: to discuss shaping the future.


The following Partners are supporting Swissbau Focus and will be holding a wide range of themed events and workshops. During the five days of the trade fair, all the Partners will be present in person from 9.00 to 18.00 in lounges and at information points. They look forward to your visit.

Leading Partner
Logo Energie Schweiz       Logo sia

Lounge Partner
A EE  bauen digital schweiz  Berner Fachhochschule CRB     GEAK         Hochschule Luzern       Holzbau SchweizLignumFHNW  Logo Minergie     NNBS-Logo    VKF     Suissetec   

Infopoint Partner
BetonsuisseARE        Logo buildup  EN Bau   feebd    HSR HTW Chur      SGNI   SVLW  Usic   vsi.asai

Event Partner

Architektur Dialoge Basel     bauenschweiz  

Media Partner

FaktorSchweizer BaudokumentationViso  Wettbewerbe aktuell

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