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Foto: Kurt Hoerbst

The forest provides the tree – the tree provides the wood – and the wood is used to make the house. The “woodpassage”, an outdoor wooden sculpture, conveys this process to the centres of Europe in an impressive manner. With simple pictogram signs, it shows the transformation from a fir tree to a house in forty steps. This transformation is presented slice by slice, as though it has been cut out of large wooden blocks.

This gives rise to the “woodpassage” that can be experienced by the different senses, comprising four wooden gates with a width of 4.32 m, a height of 4.32 m and an overall length of 8.65 m. Viewed from a distance, it delivers a strong, three-dimensional message. Walking through the illuminated passage, it becomes a playful mouthpiece for the ecological advantages of timber construction.

The “woodpassage” is a D/A/CH initiative of proHolz Austria, proHolz Bavaria and Lignum Schweiz, which is presenting the wooden sculpture on Messeplatz/Exhibition Square in Basel as part of Swissbau from 14 to 18 January 2020.

Lignum, Holzwirtschaft Schweiz is the umbrella association of the Swiss forestry and timber industry and the competence centre for timber construction. Lignum unites all the key associations and organisations in the wood chain, along with research and teaching institutions, public bodies and a large number of architects and engineers. Lignum is a Swissbau Focus Lounge Partner – together with Holzbau Schweiz and AEE Suisse – and represents the timber industry as a Research & Planning Partner in the Swissbau Innovation Lab.

Location: Messeplatz/Exhibition Square

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