Bathroom Trends

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Bathrooms are moving away from their role as functional washrooms and increasingly becoming a cosy oasis for the senses offering all modern conveniences.

Absolute privacy – the bathroom

In entering the bathroom, people walk into their own private sphere. Dressing and sleeping areas, and relaxation and fitness zones are an individual’s own, highly personal world. High-grade furnishing schemes that overcome the boundaries between wet rooms and living rooms fit in with this aspiration. In the private residential building sector, interior designers are taking over the reins and focusing on the new living space as a whole for its individual configuration.  And these trends are also emerging in the rented residential building sector too. In parallel, modular bathroom programmes tailored to both small and big floor plans are offering attractive freedom in planning, especially for renovation work. This is due, not least to innovative materials and production processes which are what make it possible to develop completely new designs, shapes and dimensions at all. Hence, mineral-cast and composite materials, and thin-walled ceramics are changing the shape and aesthetics of washstands and bathtubs. Innovative glass is giving shower cubicles a transparent look, and walk-in solutions without visible mountings and attachments are all the rage. Carefully thought-out flooring and drainage systems are making step-free shower zones into the standard.


In the bathroom, barrier-free comfort baths and fittings are a major topic.
Bathroom futures

The structure of society and demographic development, a wide range of different forms of living together and lifestyles, and the high demands placed on individuality are causing large numbers of decades-old planning standards to disappear – supported and driven by technological progress. In the bathroom, barrier-free comfort baths are a major topic, as well as fittings which can be used by everyone, despite physical limitations. Ingenious and attractive solutions in this field will not only appeal to older people. The concept of comfort also takes in the aspects of hygiene, safety, saving on water and energy efficiency. Free-formable, lightweight materials provide imaginatively styled bathtubs as a contrast to the classic tubs in ceramics or enamelled steel, which feature proudly as sculptures in the centre of the bathroom. Washstands and wash basins are similarly breaking out of their traditional patterns, offering surfaces like islands and granting greater freedom of movement. Electronic fittings are in the process of creating new ways of using and experiencing water: with a gentle touch, at the push of a button or contact-free. Finely dosed as a spray, forceful like a pulsating vortex, or a wide torrent, the water flows at the programmed favourite temperature from narrow necks or flat discs.
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Everything where it belongs – skilfully placed storage surfaces ensure freedom of movement.
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Kitchen Trends

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Are the days of over-dimensioned extractor hoods now gone? These can now also be integrated in the cooker hob.

The kitchen cooks

The kitchen is part of the “public” living space: open to family life and everyday routines, ready for socialising with friends, equipped for large-scale cooking, and not only when guests arrive. Through its very function it is geared to comprehensive technical fittings and rationalisation, because, just like at any workplace, the labour-saving and time-saving aspects are what count here. Or perhaps not – or up to what point? Over the years, scarcely any other aspect of the home has been revolutionised by ingenious technologies to the same extent as housework. And now, in the age of digitisation, kitchens and washrooms are set to benefit once again. After household appliances had been further developed to make them highly energy efficient, the smallest of computer processors, microelectronic sensors and storage media are now giving rise to truly miraculous appliances that can do far more than simply saving work and time: they do the thinking too! The recipe for success: user-oriented programming. In all the different languages, the operating panels guide users intuitively and logically through the programmes on ovens, dishwashers, fridges, washing machines and tumble dryers. Fridges have different cooling zones for storing different foods. Hobs automatically recognise the pan size and can be finely adjusted to the cooking process.


Back to nature – modern kitchens unite innovative technology with sensuous materials like natural wood.
Brave new kitchen world

Kitchen design is geared to modular systems, free space and a multi-material mix. The functional zones are configured to suit individual tastes. The sink unit is becoming a true food preparation centre – water-saving fittings with electronic controls, switch-in lighting and additional functions are changing the customary picture.  Multi-functionality, networking and automation are determining developments in appliances, while the self-assured handling of all the different interior design instruments are determining the design. Hence a cooking and eating zone feature in modern living rooms – just like a sofa, seating arrangements and a reading or TV corner. People are naturally mobile, flexible and open to all modern conveniences – as well as to everything that constitutes an expression of personality and individuality. Rigid furniture configurations are just as obsolete as yesterday’s technology.

Or natural quartz.

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Awaiting visitors is a creative overall experience on the subjects of floor, wall, celling, light and electrical installations, fireplaces and office and building furnishings.
The interior design section has traditionally been one of the highlights at Swissbau. The “Raumwelten” exhibition concept launched in 2016 has been further developed and will surprise visitors with special displays staged. The stand areas are surrounded by experimentation zones as well as by food and relaxation areas. Being part of the “Raumwelten” has a first-mover effect. Or, as Michel Hueter, managing director of the Design Prize Switzerland says:

«The “Raumwelten” extend the target groups to the fields of architecture, living, and product design.»

Eminent designers and architects for Swissbau

A large number of eminent design and architects’ offices responded to the call launched by Swissbau this spring to come up with a teaser for the Raumwelten. Eight teasers will be setting highlights at Swissbau 2018 in a surprising, sensuous and, in some cases, poetic manner, offering visitors playful access to topics and materials from the world of interior decoration. A welcome addition to the bustling trade fair environment. The following architects’ and design offices have had their project submissions selected by the jury:

Blaser Architekten, projects: «Apfelbaum», «Laube», «Spiegelkabinett»
El Hassani & Keller Architectes – Scénographes, project: «Augenblicke»
Cristina Belluci & Edgar Koller, project: «Dark Matter»
Bureau Hindermann, project: «#spectacularwater»
Studio Schaffer Basel, project: «Stückeins»
Gläser Projekt, project: «verspie(ge)lt»

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Raumwelten Seifen
One of eight teasers: An impressive chandelier made from 1200 bars of soap in the form a hanging whirlpool. (Photo: A. Morgenstern / D. Sutter © Designers‘ Saturday)
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Competitions & Exhibitions

Each year, Swissbau provides a conducive setting for a range of theme-related competitions, awards and exhibitions. Be there in person when the most promising products, solutions and talents are presented and receive awards.
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Foyer Hall 1.0 Süd

The "Umsicht – Regards – Sguardi 2017" award winners will be on display in the Foyer of Hall 1.0. These are works that have been presented with prizes by the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA), which contribute in an outstanding, innovative manner to the future-oriented shaping of living space.

umsicht regards sguardi 17

umsicht regards sguardi 17

Hall 2.0, Stand E01 | G02 | H01

With 45 nominations, the 2017/18 edition of the Design Prize Switzerland has set a new record.

This reflects the increase in terms of both quality and content that has been attained in the projects and products submitted this year. The large number of nominated works shows that Swiss design has further boosted its international competitiveness in all the different disciplines. This achievement is also expressed in the new prize category launched last November – the Design Leadership Prize: Focus Ageing Society.

You will find all the winners and nominees here.

Design Preis Schweiz

Hall 2.2 | D10

The magazines "Das Ideale Heim" and "Umbauen + Renovieren" are staging an architecture competition to find the best detached house and the best conversion.


Presentation of the prize: Thursday, 18 January 2018, on the stand.

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Hall 3.1

On the occasion of Swissbau, the ten best young bricklayers from all over Switzerland are competing against each other. Those in the top five places then participate in the finals at SwissSkills 2018 in Bern. The winner of the Swiss championship will be able to take part in WorldSkills 2019, which is being staged in Kazan (Russia).

Schweizer Meisterschaft Maurer

Hall 4

The Foundation Award is a prize for young and innovative Swiss architects' offices. Each year, three architects' offices selected by a top-notch jury receive cash and non-cash prizes worth 24,000 francs. This year's award is being presented on the occasion of Swissbau 2018, at 17:15 on 18 January 2018 in Hall 4.

Foundation Award