Hall 1 north: Building shells

1.0 Building shells, building materials
Building glass, wooden construction, solid construction, plastics, facade, wall, ceiling and roof constructions, gates

1.0 Metal construction (systems)

Profile systems, materials, semifabricates

1.0 Metal construction (treatment)

Machines and installations, fittings, closure, driving and fastening technology, surface treatment, cutting, welding

1.1 Insulation, seals
Insulation, seals, chemical products, paints, varnish, heat and sound insulation, fire protection, sealings

1.1 Structural engineering
Geotechnics, measurement, foundation engineering, water engineering, road, tunnel, drift and bridge construction

1.1 Outdoor areas
Equipment of public spaces and meeting zones

1.1 Windows, doors
Windows, doors/doorframes, staircases, fittings, security, locking technology, sun and weather protection, conservatories

1.1 Building site + equipment depot
Tools, small machines, fastening technology, building machines and devices, scaffolding, working platforms, occupational safety

Hall 1 south: Building services engineering

1.1/1.2 Heating, energy
Heating technology, pumps, renewable energies, sustainable energy supply, efficient use of energy

1.1/1.2 Ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration
Ceiling-cooling systems, hygiene, ducts/pipes/hoods, air conditioning/refrigeration, air handling units, air filters, ventilation fittings, heat recovery, ventilation units for residential properties, ventilators

 1.1/1.2 Building automation

Building automation, measurement and control technology

1.1 / 1.2 Management, use of buildings
Facility management

Hall 1 south: Swissbau Innovation Lab

1.1 Swissbau Innovation Lab
Interactive special exhibition under the theme of "Digital building"

Hall 1 south: Swissbau Focus

1.0 Swissbau Focus
Event and networking platform

Hall 2: Interior finishing

2.0 «Raumwelten»
Floor, wall, ceiling coverings, wall design, ceramics, cladding, wallpaper, textiles, indoor plants
Interior/office furnishings, custom-made fittings, property planning, acoustics
Lighting planning, light fixtures, neon signs, electrical installations
Fireplaces and stoves
Exterior design

2.1 Kitchens

Kitchen furnishings, kitchen elements, cooking equipment, refrigerator and freezer units, dishwashers

2.1 Kitchen Trends

2.2 Bathroom, sanitary installations

Bathroom and laundry installations, sanitary installations, saunas, whirlpools

2.2 Bathroom Trends

Hall 4: Planning

4.1 Planning
Software for planners, entrepreneurs and administrators, planning aids, services