Switzerland's biggest building trade fair.

Tying it all together.


Swissbau Focus: Events

Swissbau Focus is our meeting and networking format that we devised jointly with trade associations, organisations, universities and the media and that has been successfully running since 2012. It is centred around the themes of energy, education, spatial planning, digitization and the lifecycle of buildings. Different specialised skills are to be disseminated in some 70 events. At the same time, networking is to be promoted between themes, exhibitors and participants.

Swissbau Innovation Lab: Interactive tours around the iRoom

Visitors entering the iRoom are stepping into a space for virtual encounters devised especially for the Swissbau Innovation Lab. Visitors to the fair are divided into groups and immerse themselves in the world of digital experiences, where they find out right up close how buildings are going to be planned, built, used and operated in the near future. Guided by and making use of virtual and augmented reality tools, participants solve a specific problem related to a construction project. In each of the phases, we show innovative technologies and exciting “digital use cases”. The tours are held in german.