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Hall 1.1, stand A90 - ELNOR is a wooden manufacturer company established from 2007. Our furniture collections are characterized by a discreet elegance, accurate workmanship in details, refined finishes, to offer to the customer a quality product with a contemporary design and a timeless elegance.

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À propos de nous

A modern and dynamic company that offers customers high quality products such as: chairs, tables, doors, kitchens, bedrooms, and different wooden interiors. 
The story of the company is so rich in personal experiences and human values that make it valuable in its sector.
The relationship that often arises between the client and our creative team goes beyond the simple supply, often resulting in a positive and continuous exchange of stimulating ideas and innovative proposals for furnishing. Quality and sustainability have always been company’s priorities.

Address: Industrial zone, Pristine – Skopje, km 8, Prishtina – Kosovo.

Email: info@elnor.eu / sheqer.ukaj@elnor.eu 

Website: www.elnor.eu

Instagram: @elnorfurniture

linkedin: Elnor Furniture